Work History


Arcadium Studios, London
May 2012 – Present
EPI member and freelance engineer.

Arcadium Studios

RGS Entertainment – Milton Keynes
December 2011 – March 2012
Studio engineer and market researcher.

RGS Entertainment

SAE Institute – Oxford
April 2009 – May 2011
Student and intern supervisor.

SAE Institute

  • 12/10/13 to 20/10/13 – Location recording, sound mixing, boom op, ADR and foley on ‘616’ by Systir Productions (awaiting funding).
  • 22/06/13 to ongoing – Location recording, sound mixing, post production and foley on ‘Provocative’ by Gin & Tonic Productions (awaiting funding).
  • 03/04/13 to ongoing – Location recording, sound mixing, post production, ADR and foley on ‘Hedda‘ by Matthew John Productions (filming incomplete).
  • 01/02/13 to ongoing – Location recording, ADR, foley, sound mixing and sound editing on ’11 to 1′ by Gin & Tonic Productions (filming incomplete).
  • 22/01/13 – Location recording, sound mixing on ‘Monoloco’ by Wendihouse (post production).
  • 01/11/12 to 03/11/12 – Location recording, sound editing for pilot of ‘American Renaissance’, by Seth McClelland (awaiting distribution).
  • 02/8/12 to 28/8/12 – Restoration, sound editing and post-production on a trailer for independent movie ‘Unrequited’, by Chryssanthi Kouri (awaiting distribution).
  • 21/7/12, ongoing – Location recording, post production on ‘Zombie Descent’ by Vince Tycer/KVB Creative (currently in post production).
  • 18/7/12, ongoing – Location recording, sound designer, post production on ‘Poncho’s Palace’ by 5V2 Films Ltd (currently in post production).
  • 7/6/12 – Location recording on ‘4am’ by Top Hat Productions (currently in post production, trailer here).
  • 7/7/12 – Assistant studio engineer on ‘The Big Busk’ by Channel 4 (currently in post production).
  • April 2010: Supervised set up/tear down and live mixed a concert/live event hosted and produced by “Whispering” Bob Harris of BBC Radio 2.
  • April 2010 – May 2010: Assisted with setup and live mixed several events during the 2010 Oxfringe Festival.
  • Wrote/produced/recorded a 90 minute faux-radio show, including musical cues and interludes, extensive voice acting, live- and pre-recorded interviews with 20+ people around the world.